Nemat Canola Oil 1 Liter x 5 Pouch Box

Cook with confidence using our premium cooking oil. It’s the perfect choice for all your culinary creations!

Get cooking with our high-quality cooking oil. Elevate your dishes with its superior taste and health benefits!


Canola oil is rich in good fats and can help reduce the risk of heart disease when used instead of saturated fats by reducing LDL cholesterol in the blood. Canola oil has: Just 7% saturated fat – the least of the common culinary oils. No trans fat.

Canola oil is a great match for almost any type of cooking. The neutral taste and light texture let other ingredients shine through. Canola oil remains free-flowing in the refrigerator so it’s perfect for salad dressings. And in baked goods, canola oil gives a soft, moist texture with little saturated fat. It’s equally at home in a stir-fry or a delicate cupcake.

Regular canola oil can be heated to 242°C / 468°F without smoking or developing significant trans fatty acids, making it ideal for ideal for sautéing and deep frying. High-oleic canola oil is even more stable, with a smoke point of 246°C/ 475°F – higher than almost all other food oils, including peanut oil.