Salva Feed Mills (PVT) Ltd.

Salva Feed Mills (PVT) Ltd. was, established in 2014, & started the commercial production of poultry feed in April-2016.

Major Markets of the industry:

Salva Feed Mills (Pvt) Ltd targeted mostly central Punjab area.


Our Process:

Welcome to Salva Feed Mills, where nourishing your livestock is not just a business; it’s our commitment to the health and well-being of your cows. At Salva Feed Mills, we take pride in being a trusted name in the cattle feed industry, providing high-quality and nutritionally balanced feed to support the growth, productivity, and vitality of your dairy and beef cattle.

Raw Material Selection:

We start by sourcing premium-quality raw materials, including grains, forages, protein sources, vitamins, and minerals, from reputable and reliable suppliers. Our commitment to quality begins with the careful selection of ingredients that meet the nutritional requirements of dairy and beef cattle.

Nutritional Formulation:

Salva Feed Mills boasts a team of experienced nutritionists who formulate feeds specifically tailored to meet the nutritional demands of cows at different stages of life and production. Our formulations are designed to optimize milk production, support reproduction, and promote overall herd health.

Precision Mixing:

The selected raw materials are precisely measured and mixed using advanced blending technology to ensure uniform distribution of nutrients. This meticulous mixing process is crucial to providing a well-balanced and consistent feed to your cows.

Quality Control:

Rigorous quality control measures are implemented at every stage of production. Our in-house laboratory conducts regular tests to verify the nutritional content, moisture levels, and absence of contaminants, ensuring the highest quality standards.

Pelletization for Palatability:

We utilize advanced pelletization techniques to enhance the palatability of the feed, making it more appealing to cows. Pelleted feed ensures uniform nutrient intake and contributes to improved digestion and overall feed efficiency.

Packaging and Distribution:

The final products are packaged securely, with clear labeling providing nutritional information and feeding guidelines. Our efficient distribution network ensures timely delivery to farmers, supporting them in maintaining a reliable and consistent feed supply for their cattle.

Ongoing Support and Education:

Salva Feed Mills is committed to the success of our customers. We provide continuous support, expert advice, and educational resources to empower farmers with knowledge for optimal feed utilization and herd management.

Experience the difference with Salva Feed Mills, where every pellet is crafted with care to contribute to the health, productivity, and prosperity of your cattle. Your success begins with Salva Feed Mills – nourishing your herd for a brighter tomorrow.